Senior Programmers

Mark D. Green

Richard Lee

Allan Murphy


Michael Braithwaite

Paul N. Stapley

Lead Artist

Jason Millson

Graphic Artists

Sam Coates

David Hamblin

Ravinder Singh

Rolf Mohr

Assistant Producer and Manual

Rik Skews

Internal Development Manager

Pascal Jarry

Additional Artwork

Julian Hughes-Watts

Mark Prettyman

Alessandro Tento

Music and Sound Design

Jason Page

QA Manager

Tony Bourne

Head of Internal Testing

Steven Archer

Lead Internal Tester

Jim McCabe

Internal Testers

Dominic Berzins

Bradley Davey

Chris Moseley

Alan Stubbs

Martin Waterfield


Spencer Crossley

Packaging & Manual Design

Nadim Othman

Special Thanks

All at Porsche, Peter Metzdorf (Porsche), Gerhard Braun (Porsche)

SCEE Developer Support, Paul Holman, Richard Milner, Vince Diesi, Malachy Duffin, Colin Hughes, David Virapen

Everyone at SCEE, and all those long weekends and large quantities of pizza caffeine and cola.

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