Hubstar-black = <100 articles      Hubstar-pink = 100 articles         Hubstar-green = 500 articles          Hubstar-orange = 1,000 articles       Hubstar-blue = 2,500 articles
Hubstar-bronze = 5,000 articles     Hubstar-silver = 10,000 articles     Hubstar-gold = 25,000 articles     Hubstar-platinum = 50,000 articles     Hubstar-rainbow = 100,000+ articles

Hubstar-orange Ace Combat
Hubstar-black Age of Barbarians
Hubstar-bronze Assassin's Creed
Hubstar-green Banjo-Kazooie
Hubstar-pink Bayonetta
Hubstar-pink Beyond Good & Evil
Hubstar-pink Beyond: Two Souls
Hubstar-orange Bomberman
Hubstar-pink Brütal Legend
Hubstar-green Bully
Hubstar-bronze Castlevania
Hubstar-black Chaos Legion
Hubstar-pink Darksiders
Hubstar-pink Dante's Inferno
Hubstar-blue Dead Rising
Hubstar-green Devil May Cry
Hubstar-green Dino Crisis
Hubstar-pink Dragon's Crown
Hubstar-pink Drawn to Life
Hubstar-pink Folklore
Hubstar-green Freelancer
Hubstar-green Fur Fighters
Hubstar-pink Galaxy Angel
Hubstar-black Gangs of London
Hubstar-pink The Getaway
Hubstar-orange God of War
Hubstar-silver Grand Theft Auto

Hubstar-green Hamtaro
Hubstar-green Hamumu
Hubstar-orange Hitman
Hubstar-green Homeworld
Hubstar-green inFAMOUS
Hubstar-green Infinity Blade
Hubstar-green Jak and Daxter
Hubstar-pink Japanese PC Games
Hubstar-orange Just Cause
Hubstar-pink Kya: Dark Lineage
Hubstar-green L.A. Noire
Hubstar-orange Legacy of Kain
Hubstar-bronze The Legend of Zelda
Hubstar-pink LEGO Batman
Hubstar-orange LEGO Dimensions
Hubstar-blue LEGO Games
Hubstar-green LEGO Indiana Jones
Hubstar-pink LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
Hubstar-orange LEGO Star Wars
Hubstar-pink Little Big Adventure
Hubstar-orange Mafia
Hubstar-blue Mega Man
Hubstar-green MediEvil
Hubstar-orange Metal Gear
Hubstar-green Metal Slug
Hubstar-blue Metroid
Hubstar-silver Monster Hunter
Hubstar-black NiGHTS

Hubstar-pink No More Heroes
Hubstar-green Ōkami
Hubstar-black Platypus
Hubstar-black Primal
Hubstar-green Prince of Persia
Hubstar-orange Professor Layton
Hubstar-green Prototype
Hubstar-pink Quantum Conundrum
Hubstar-bronze Ratchet & Clank
Hubstar-orange Red Dead Games
Hubstar-silver Resident Evil
Hubstar-pink The Saboteur
Hubstar-orange Saints Row
Hubstar-silver Sonic News Network
Hubstar-pink Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
Hubstar-orange Silent Hill
Hubstar-green Sleeping Dogs
Hubstar-orange Sly Cooper
Hubstar-orange Splinter Cell
Hubstar-pink Tak and the Power of Juju
Hubstar-blue Terraria
Hubstar-orange Tomb Raider
Hubstar-pink Tomba!
Hubstar-orange Turok
Hubstar-orange Uncharted
Hubstar-orange WATCH_DOGS
Hubstar-green The Wolf Among Us

To add a Wiki:

  1. First, enter into Source mode.
  2. You should see each Wiki listed in the format:
  3. The first parameter, x, indicates the number of pages on the Wiki ("black" for <100, "pink" for 100-499, "green" for 500-999, "orange" for 1,000-4,999, "bronze" for 5,000-9,999, "silver" for 10,000-24,999, "gold" for 25,000-49,999, "platinum" for 50,000-99,999, and "rainbow" for 100,000 and greater).
  4. The second parameter, y, indicates the subdomain name of the Wiki ("finalfantasy" for example).
  5. And the third parameter, z, indicates the subject matter of the Wiki ("Final Fantasy" for example).
  6. Wikis should be listed in alphabetical order by subject matter and ignoring preface words like "the." Evening out the columns must be done manually by cutting and pasting a listing from one column to another.
  7. NOTE: Once your edit is published, please check the actual Portal that this Wiki List is featured on. Wikis with long names may take up only one line on this Wiki List, but take up two on the Portal. If this happens, please try to even out the columns with that in mind.

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