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Welcome to the Kickstarter Games Portal!
Where you can find current Kickstarter game campaigns to support and wikis for successfully funded games.

TomSpark Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin is a 3D diesel-punk action-adventure game full of crazy weapons, exciting combat and exploration of mysterious underground worlds.

Tom Sparks and The Quakes of Ruin is a top-down action-adventure / shooter game with a healthy dose of exploration, platforming, puzzles and smashing things thrown in for good measure. We aim to create a game full of fast paced fire-fights and extraordinary weapons in a similar vein to console classics like Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter. We hope to bring this vision to life in a vibrant and mysterious underground world with a thick Diesel Punk aesthetic and an adventurous storyline.

Source Source is a metroidvania action adventure game for next gen consoles and PC. Existing in an alternate dimension, you control a firefly creature with the unique power to manipulate energy with every living being in a strange, bio luminescent world. However, this world is being devoured by a sinister and relentless dark energy that is literally tearing the world apart, and it is your destiny as the last of your kind to stop the terrible threat of extinction.

Immersed in a stunningly beautifully rendered 3D environment using the latest in high end particles and lighting, you will face many mind bending puzzles, explore vast lands, and combat powerful creatures while constantly seeking new and powerful upgrades to aid you in your quest. You must navigate a deep, lush biosphere ecosystem and learn how all the various and strange creatures and foliage behave, some helpful, some harmful. You will need to discover where this evil SOURCE is coming from in hope of ever restoring balance and peace to all living things.

Hextraction Hextraction universe is one where humanity has achieved interstellar travel but still heavily relies on natural resources such as oil to fuel technology. Mining corporations throughout the galaxy bid on planetary resource contracts but sometimes they decide to go rogue and hire mercenary crews to take it by force.

You play as the Mission Captain for a mercenary crew tasked with recovering a dense concentration of phantom energy from a planet teaming with hostile life-forms. As Captain, you decide which corporation to work for, who makes up your crew, which path to take and ultimately how to conquer each territory.

Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-blue The Land of Eyas
Hubstar-yellow Star Pulsar
Hubstar-yellow Legends of Persia
Hubstar-red IDNA
Hubstar-yellow Lands of Hope Redemption
Hubstar-yellow Mystery of the Emerald Isle
Hubstar-blue 1st & Goal
Hubstar-yellow Dead of the Dead
Hubstar-yellow Second Earth
Hubstar-yellow History of the Demon Girl
Hubstar-blue Super Adventure Mega Quest
Hubstar-yellow Grave
Hubstar-yellow Apexicon
Hubstar-yellow Genio
Hubstar-orange Hex Heroes
Hubstar-yellow Hero Generations
Hubstar-yellow Still Alive
Hubstar-yellow Crushing Darkness
Hubstar-red Phil the Pill
Hubstar-yellow Serpent in the Staglands
Hubstar-yellow The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock
Hubstar-red Itsy Bitsy Spider
Hubstar-red AirTime HD
Hubstar-yellow Cosmochoria
Hubstar-yellow Killstorm
Hubstar-blue Nyarlathotep
Hubstar-yellow The Great Gaias
Hubstar-yellow Junkyard Racing
Hubstar-blue Warrior Battleground
Hubstar-yellow NevenTale
Hubstar-yellow Super Mega Bob
Hubstar-orange Twisted Fusion
Hubstar-red Paintball Panda
Hubstar-yellow The Mole
Hubstar-yellow Flix The Flea
Hubstar-orange Ouya BOOMz
Hubstar-red Drop Bot
Hubstar-yellow River Town

Hubstar-blue Bionic Fighters
Hubstar-yellow Tom Sparks
Hubstar-yellow The Breakout
Hubstar-yellow Death In Candlewood
Hubstar-yellow Prodigy
Hubstar-yellow Four Sided Fantasy
Hubstar-yellow Cult County
Hubstar-blue Habitat
Hubstar-yellow Kendo Crush
Hubstar-yellow Marvel Horse
Hubstar-yellow The Dreamland Chronicles
Hubstar-yellow Santa's Delivery
Hubstar-yellow Ruler by Default
Hubstar-yellow Popup Dungeon
Hubstar-yellow Dead Years
Hubstar-yellow Flying Hamster II
Hubstar-red Fat Cheeks the Cannonball
Hubstar-yellow Allotrope Eclipse
Hubstar-yellow Let's Go Camping!
Hubstar-yellow Mark of the Old Ones
Hubstar-yellow Nth Power
Hubstar-yellow Treachery In Beatdown City
Hubstar-red Danger Grills
Hubstar-yellow RootHaven
Hubstar-yellow Armello
Hubstar-yellow Prisonscape
Hubstar-red Super Console Kid
Hubstar-yellow Reclaim
Hubstar-yellow Broeder: Secrets of Ohr
Hubstar-yellow The Gloom Project
Hubstar-yellow Inochi Project
Hubstar-yellow Vektropolis
Hubstar-yellow Tales of Mythica: Assertion
Hubstar-blue Escape This Arena
Hubstar-yellow Console Warz
Hubstar-yellow Last Life
Hubstar-yellow Technolust
Hubstar-yellow Kings Of Kung Fu

Hubstar-blue Skullforge: The Hunt
Hubstar-yellow Rats
Hubstar-yellow Echoes of Eridu
Hubstar-yellow Relativity
Hubstar-yellow LIfE
Hubstar-blue Pixel Noir
Hubstar-red The Great Brain Adventure
Hubstar-blue Source
Hubstar-yellow Swimsanity
Hubstar-blue Grabbles
Hubstar-blue MechRunner
Hubstar-blue Salvaged
Hubstar-red Gigi and Lily
Hubstar-yellow Border
Hubstar-yellow Zpocalypse
Hubstar-red Spectrum Cube
Hubstar-yellow Shots in the Dark
Hubstar-blue Brandon Must Die!
Hubstar-yellow Heart Forth, Alicia
Hubstar-yellow Giant vs Horde
Hubstar-yellow The Eldritch Cases: Dagon
Hubstar-yellow Zombie Hunters
Hubstar-blue Event Horizon
Hubstar-yellow Arkis Vir
Hubstar-yellow Catch Up Calu!
Hubstar-blue Inspire Me
Hubstar-yellow Iron Star
Hubstar-yellow Dawn World
Hubstar-yellow Trial of Trails
Hubstar-yellow Barony
Hubstar-blue Hover
Hubstar-yellow The FEWW
Hubstar-yellow Contested Space
Hubstar-yellow DracinMorte
Hubstar-yellow Hextraction
Hubstar-yellow C.R.E.E.P.S

Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop
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