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Welcome to the Kickstarter Games Portal!
Where you can find current Kickstarter game campaigns to support and wikis for successfully funded games.

Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based combat and epic amounts of loot. Be part of the story and own a piece of the world.

Turn based, tactical, grid combat is a core feature of Stash. We took inspiration from classic Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming, Warhammer miniature gaming, the "Gold Box" AD&D video games, Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Temple of Elemental Evil, and a variety of other turn based RPGs we have played over the years. We combined that with two decades of experience developing video game combat systems. The result is a combat system that is approachable yet incredibly deep. The more you play, the more layers you will uncover as things get more challenging and rewarding.

Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries is a cinematic fairy tale platformer for PC, full of drama and dark twists. Step into the boots of a vengeful Red Riding Hood.

Four years ago, Red Riding Hood’s father Joseph, lead engineer for Woolfe Industries, died in a work accident. At least, that’s what his family was told. All grown-up and cried out, our heroine is ready to unveil the truth and present the bill for her tragic loss.

She leaves her Granny and her safe place, the forest, and heads back to the city, which she finds paralyzed with fear and scarred by a plague of kidnappings. B.B. Woolfe, CEO of Woolfe Industries, rules the place with an iron fist and an ever present army of henchmen. The fearless young amazon engages in a violent vendetta against the megalomaniac, who turns out to hide secrets even darker than she could have imagined.

Kaptain Brawe 2 is a sequel to Kaptain Brawe. Ursula Unsula, the queen of Zennity Sping, the tiniest planet in the known universe, has grand plans and plans to put those plans into action as soon as she’s planned her breakfast of Krypto-Koffee and Kaffles. What grand plans, you ask? Why, she only wants to take over Folderakkiakkiu, the second tiniest planet. If she succeeds in doing that, who knows where it will end? Megalomaniacs, eh?

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