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Welcome to the Kickstarter Games Portal!
Where you can find current Kickstarter game campaigns to support and wikis for successfully funded games.

ChaosReborn Chaos Reborn is a game with nail-biting decisions and twists of fate. Every battle is different, every realm is unique, and there is always something new to discover.

Based on the cult classic ZX Spectrum game ‘Chaos’, first published in 1985 by Games Workshop, Chaos Reborn is part sequel, part re-imagining of that original game brought up-to-date with high quality presentation.

The magic combat system remains true to the original Chaos. It is all about summoning a host of weird and mythical creatures, moving and fighting with them, and using your wizard to attack, defend, buff and de-buff with large array of spells. It is highly tactical and fast paced. But Chaos Reborn expands considerably on this by offering multiplayer modes, a single-player RPG system and co-op play.

FallSchematic Fall Schematic is a seamless techpunk game spanning both physical and digital media. Because of the unique nature of the world, the stories in Fall Schematic are told across two mediums: a free-to-pay-what-you-want mobile RPG representing the abstract digital world within Autumn Network and a physical cooperative card game mirroring the ruined physical surface of the planet surrounding it.

Both games are independent experiences, but they interact in creative ways when enjoyed together. Humanity's days are numbered if the Glitch is not stopped on both fronts.

TomSpark Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin is a 3D diesel-punk action-adventure game full of crazy weapons, exciting combat and exploration of mysterious underground worlds.

Tom Sparks and The Quakes of Ruin is a top-down action-adventure / shooter game with a healthy dose of exploration, platforming, puzzles and smashing things thrown in for good measure. We aim to create a game full of fast paced fire-fights and extraordinary weapons in a similar vein to console classics like Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter. We hope to bring this vision to life in a vibrant and mysterious underground world with a thick Diesel Punk aesthetic and an adventurous storyline.

Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-yellow GymNation
Hubstar-blue The Land of Eyas
Hubstar-blue Oozengard
Hubstar-yellow Red goddess
Hubstar-yellow Pro Wrestling X
Hubstar-yellow Star Pulsar
Hubstar-yellow Anarchy Arcade
Hubstar-yellow Legends of Persia
Hubstar-blue Earthlock
Hubstar-red Demon Devil
Hubstar-yellow The Technician
Hubstar-yellow Duelyst
Hubstar-yellow PeriAreion
Hubstar-blue A Druid's Duel
Hubstar-red Dead Man's Trail
Hubstar-red The Midnight Grindshow
Hubstar-red E.L.E. Extinction Level Elephant
Hubstar-yellow Standpoint
Hubstar-red IDNA
Hubstar-yellow Lands of Hope Redemption
Hubstar-yellow Mystery of the Emerald Isle
Hubstar-yellow Mont-de-Castel
Hubstar-red Dungeon Bash
Hubstar-yellow Age Of The Dead
Hubstar-blue Dragon Fin Soup
Hubstar-blue Dead Synchronicity
Hubstar-yellow Kodama
Hubstar-blue Super
Hubstar-yellow JetGetters
Hubstar-yellow The Hero Trap
Hubstar-blue 1st & Goal
Hubstar-orange Kick, Punch... Fireball
Hubstar-blue Racewërks
Hubstar-yellow Chaos Reborn
Hubstar-red Northern Guard: Assault
Hubstar-blue World Football 2014
Hubstar-blue Necromancer
Hubstar-red The Enchanted Cave 2
Hubstar-yellow Dream of Stars

Hubstar-yellow Cavatina
Hubstar-yellow Lemma
Hubstar-yellow The Seed
Hubstar-red Fall Schematic
Hubstar-yellow Bear Simulator
Hubstar-red Bizenghast
Hubstar-yellow Rockets Club
Hubstar-yellow RogueStar
Hubstar-red Titan Run
Hubstar-yellow Uplift
Hubstar-red Find Molly
Hubstar-yellow Ghost Hunter
Hubstar-yellow The Red Solstice
Hubstar-blue XViREn121t
Hubstar-red Cardboarding
Hubstar-red Mechtrooper
Hubstar-yellow Dead of the Dead
Hubstar-yellow Second Earth
Hubstar-yellow History of the Demon Girl
Hubstar-blue Super Adventure Mega Quest
Hubstar-yellow Grave
Hubstar-yellow D.O.S
Hubstar-yellow Apexicon
Hubstar-yellow Genio
Hubstar-orange Hex Heroes
Hubstar-yellow Hero Generations
Hubstar-yellow Still Alive
Hubstar-yellow AdvertCity
Hubstar-yellow Crushing Darkness
Hubstar-yellow Choice Chamber
Hubstar-yellow FacePunchMaster
Hubstar-red Phil the Pill
Hubstar-yellow Serpent in the Staglands
Hubstar-yellow The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock
Hubstar-red Itsy Bitsy Spider
Hubstar-red AirTime HD
Hubstar-yellow Cosmochoria
Hubstar-yellow Killstorm
Hubstar-blue Nyarlathotep

Hubstar-yellow Card Counting Online
Hubstar-yellow The Great Gaias
Hubstar-yellow Junkyard Racing
Hubstar-blue Warrior Battleground
Hubstar-yellow NevenTale
Hubstar-yellow Super Mega Bob
Hubstar-orange Twisted Fusion
Hubstar-red Paintball Panda
Hubstar-yellow The Mole
Hubstar-blue Fractured Reality
Hubstar-blue Dynabot
Hubstar-yellow Flix The Flea
Hubstar-orange Ouya BOOMz
Hubstar-red Drop Bot
Hubstar-yellow River Town
Hubstar-blue Bionic Fighters
Hubstar-yellow Tom Sparks
Hubstar-yellow The Breakout
Hubstar-yellow Death In Candlewood
Hubstar-yellow Prodigy
Hubstar-yellow Four Sided Fantasy
Hubstar-yellow Cult County
Hubstar-blue Habitat
Hubstar-yellow Kendo Crush
Hubstar-yellow Marvel Horse
Hubstar-yellow The Dreamland Chronicles
Hubstar-yellow Santa's Delivery
Hubstar-yellow Ruler by Default
Hubstar-yellow Senet: Priests
Hubstar-yellow Popup Dungeon
Hubstar-yellow Dead Years
Hubstar-yellow Flying Hamster II
Hubstar-yellow Dead Crusade
Hubstar-red Fat Cheeks the Cannonball
Hubstar-blue Shining Empire
Hubstar-yellow Allotrope Eclipse
Hubstar-yellow Let's Go Camping!
Hubstar-yellow Mark of the Old Ones
Hubstar-yellow Nth Power
Hubstar-yellow Treachery In Beatdown City

Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop
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