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Welcome to the Kickstarter Games Portal!
Where you can find current Kickstarter game campaigns to support and wikis for successfully funded games.

Out of the box, Shards Online is a complete game experience with an immersive storyline. It’s about vengeful gods that fight for supremacy in a multiverse of worlds that span many genres.

It's the first game that legitimately allows you to host and moderate not just a single game world, but an entire universe of connected game worlds with the potential to support thousands of users at one time. Customize every aspect of your servers' gameplay experience from character development, to combat, to items and equipment, to monsters and AI.

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a point-and-click adventure about the well intentioned but not-so-brilliant Kelvin, his workplace crush, a crazy scientist, and a hideous time machine that came to ruin everything.

After a lifetime of research, the eccentric Dr. Edwin Lupin finally unlocks the secrets of time travel. With the help of his assistants Lise and Kelvin, Lupin constructs the world’s first functioning time machine. Which, for complicated science reasons, looks exactly like a portable shower.

The scientific community completely ignores the significance of Lupin’s invention, instead dubbing it the “Infamous Machine” because of its ridiculous appearance. Driven to madness by this insult, Lupin launches himself into the past, bent on stealing credit for humanity’s greatest works.

Golden Black focuses and mixes RTS game mechanics such as unit control and structure building with RPG elements such as character customization, character progression and weapons crafting. It also comes with a little tweak from MMO in terms of trading resources and weapons and of course, massive multiplayer online.

The game will offer two types of multi-player. Asynchronous, that will let players send attacks and retrieve bounties from their friends' islands and Real time, that will let them explore the world in quest for resources, weapons or adventures where confrontation and alliances with other players are inevitable.

In Golden Black every player will start with a captain hero and an island. They will raise a pirate empire by gathering resources, building structures and creating units. Players' islands provide them with basic resources that let them build the most basic units and structures. If they want to build more powerful ones they will have to set on a quest outside their islands to find specific resources that will allow them to do so.

Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-yellow Reign Of Monsters
Hubstar-yellow Towers of Cataclysm
Hubstar-yellow Rescue the Prince
Hubstar-yellow Empyrion
Hubstar-yellow HM SPIFFING
Hubstar-blue Virtual Horse Ranch 3D
Hubstar-yellow Song of the Firefly
Hubstar-yellow InnerSpace
Hubstar-yellow The Wrath of Salistah
Hubstar-yellow Sylvio
Hubstar-yellow Air Brawl
Hubstar-yellow Trucking
Hubstar-yellow Mothership
Hubstar-yellow Youropa
Hubstar-yellow T.E.R.R.A.
Hubstar-yellow Evocality
Hubstar-yellow Exowar
Hubstar-yellow Nubarron
Hubstar-yellow Anomaly 1729
Hubstar-yellow OBEY
Hubstar-yellow Zpocalypse
Hubstar-yellow Soul Knights
Hubstar-red Sweet Tooth Dragon
Hubstar-blue Holobunnies
Hubstar-yellow Fireworks Command Ship

Hubstar-yellow Protocol E
Hubstar-yellow Epic Manager
Hubstar-yellow Concrete Jungle
Hubstar-yellow iSpace2
Hubstar-yellow The Adventures of 00-Dilly
Hubstar-yellow Stowaway
Hubstar-blue Super Sea Star
Hubstar-yellow Valiance Online
Hubstar-yellow Convoy
Hubstar-yellow Aerannis
Hubstar-blue The Questening
Hubstar-yellow Adventure Box
Hubstar-yellow Ingonga
Hubstar-yellow Incarnate
Hubstar-yellow Override
Hubstar-red Fizz + Hummer
Hubstar-yellow Momentum
Hubstar-blue Project Nebula
Hubstar-yellow Flat Kingdom
Hubstar-yellow Bridgii.BOT
Hubstar-blue Tantra Rumble
Hubstar-yellow Last Year
Hubstar-red Super Jet World
Hubstar-yellow Dust.Evolution
Hubstar-yellow Aranyus

Hubstar-yellow WheelsFighter
Hubstar-yellow Blackwake
Hubstar-yellow Late To The Party
Hubstar-yellow Dream Of Mirror
Hubstar-yellow Gliese
Hubstar-blue Luna League Soccer
Hubstar-blue Pocket Rumble
Hubstar-blue Seasoned Tactics
Hubstar-yellow Golden Black
Hubstar-yellow Second To One
Hubstar-yellow Kelvin and the Infamous Machine
Hubstar-yellow Shards Online
Hubstar-blue That Dragon, Cancer
Hubstar-blue Crystal Rift
Hubstar-yellow Nereus Unbound
Hubstar-yellow Project Control
Hubstar-yellow Wayward Terran Frontier
Hubstar-yellow Attack of the Labyrinth
Hubstar-yellow Scorn Episode One
Hubstar-red Overrun Island
Hubstar-yellow The Crow’s Eye
Hubstar-blue Defenders of the Klaus
Hubstar-yellow Crossing Souls
Hubstar-red Outsiders
Hubstar-yellow To Azimuth

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Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-yellowA Hat in Time
Hubstar-blueAlteil Horizons
Hubstar-yellowThe Banner Saga
Hubstar-yellowBroken Sword
Hubstar-yellowCastle Story
Hubstar-yellowChaos Reborn
Hubstar-yellowDarkest Dungeon
Hubstar-yellowThe Dead Linger
Hubstar-yellowDead State
Hubstar-yellowDivinity: Original Sin
Hubstar-blueDragon Fin Soup
Hubstar-yellowThe Dreamland Chronicles

Hubstar-yellowElite: Dangerous
Hubstar-blueFlight Rising
Hubstar-yellowGirl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg
Hubstar-yellowH-Hour: World's Elite
Hubstar-yellowHaunts: The Manse Macabre
Hubstar-yellowHeart Forth, Alicia
Hubstar-yellowHero Generations
Hubstar-yellowHover: Revolt Of Gamers
Hubstar-yellowHyper Light Drifter
Hubstar-greenKiller Bunnies
Hubstar-yellowKinetic Void
Hubstar-yellowLast Life
Hubstar-yellowLegends of Persia
Hubstar-yellowLimit Theory
Hubstar-yellowThe Long Dark

Hubstar-yellowMassive Chalice
Hubstar-blueMercenary Kings
Hubstar-yellowNelly Cootalot
Hubstar-yellowNight in the Woods
Hubstar-yellowNovus AEterno
Hubstar-yellowPlanetary Annihilation
Hubstar-yellowProject Eternity
Hubstar-yellowProject Nimbus
Hubstar-yellowProject Phoenix
Hubstar-yellowThe Repopulation
Hubstar-yellowSatellite Reign
Hubstar-blueShadow Era
Hubstar-yellowShadowrun Online
Hubstar-yellowShadowrun Returns

Hubstar-blueShantae: Half-Genie Hero
Hubstar-yellowShovel Knight
Hubstar-yellowSpark Rising
Hubstar-yellowTales of Fallen London
Hubstar-yellowTorment: Tides of Numenera
Hubstar-yellowUnsung Story
Hubstar-yellowWar for the Overworld
Hubstar-yellowWarmachine: Tactics
Hubstar-yellowWasteland 2

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