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Welcome to the Kickstarter Games Portal!
Where you can find current Kickstarter game campaigns to support and wikis for successfully funded games.


Sword of Fargoal 2: We want to bring you Sword of Fargoal 2 completely reimagined, reworked, and stuffed with awesome new features! Basically to keep the fun and excitement of the original, but reinvent the game for 2012 & 2013, with more depth and rich gameplay; more adventure, exploration, mystery; plus new character classes.

Pangenic: Imagine a world coated in disease. Where plants and animals are corrupted by a genetic pestilence and surge forth like a tidal wave upon the last bastion of human civilization. Pangenic charges you, a surviving member of university scientists, with curing the ills that have turned nature ravenous.

Arakion is a modern take on a classic RPG formula. You're put in control of three heroes trying to survive a world devastated by war. Adventuring in Arakion will take you across open land, into deep dungeons and even put you in control of rebuilding a desolated town. A great evil has returned. It is up to you to create a band of heroes to fight this darkness.

Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-yellow A-Maze-Zing
Hubstar-blue Dread
Hubstar-yellow Feral
Hubstar-yellow That Which Sleeps
Hubstar-yellow Retro-Pixel Castles
Hubstar-yellow Battle Chef Brigade
Hubstar-blue Mutiny!
Hubstar-yellow Graywalkers
Hubstar-blue Stardale
Hubstar-yellow BEDLAM
Hubstar-blue The Land of Eyas
Hubstar-blue Project Gallouile
Hubstar-red Combo Queen
Hubstar-yellow Black The Fall
Hubstar-yellow Maya Breaker
Hubstar-blue Beyond-Human
Hubstar-yellow The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
Hubstar-yellow Alice In Tokyo Wonderland
Hubstar-yellow Extract 237
Hubstar-yellow Human Resources
Hubstar-yellow Immortal Empire
Hubstar-yellow Dark Drive

Hubstar-red Zombie Fish Bits
Hubstar-red Amazon Challenge
Hubstar-red The Shadow of Twilight
Hubstar-blue Legena
Hubstar-blue DarkfieldVR
Hubstar-yellow Highlands
Hubstar-yellow Bain's Redemption
Hubstar-yellow Demon's Revenge
Hubstar-yellow Alius Insectum
Hubstar-yellow Brunelleschi
Hubstar-yellow Outpost 13
Hubstar-blue Rogue Wizards
Hubstar-blue Buildanauts
Hubstar-yellow Voxelfield
Hubstar-yellow The Black Glove
Hubstar-yellow The Flame in the Flood
Hubstar-yellow Battlestation
Hubstar-yellow Impact Winter
Hubstar-yellow The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy
Hubstar-yellow Nevermind
Hubstar-yellow DICETINY
Hubstar-blue Animal Gods

Hubstar-yellow Reign Of Monsters
Hubstar-yellow One Final Breath
Hubstar-yellow Golden Hour
Hubstar-yellow Iron Fire
Hubstar-yellow Towers of Cataclysm
Hubstar-yellow disFigured
Hubstar-yellow RED COBRA
Hubstar-red Raceway Heat
Hubstar-yellow Ethereal
Hubstar-yellow Rescue the Prince
Hubstar-yellow Empyrion
Hubstar-yellow HM SPIFFING
Hubstar-yellow Fragmented Fate
Hubstar-blue Everstar
Hubstar-blue Guns, Gore & Cannoli
Hubstar-red Demonites
Hubstar-blue Virtual Horse Ranch 3D
Hubstar-yellow Thea: The Awakening
Hubstar-yellow Song of the Firefly
Hubstar-yellow InnerSpace
Hubstar-red Spirit of Adventure

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Hubstar-blue = Multiple    Hubstar-yellow = PC/Mac     Hubstar-orange = Console/Handheld     Hubstar-red = Mobile/Tablet     Hubstar-green = Tabletop

Hubstar-yellowA Hat in Time
Hubstar-blueAlteil Horizons
Hubstar-yellowThe Banner Saga
Hubstar-yellowBroken Sword
Hubstar-yellowCastle Story
Hubstar-yellowChaos Reborn
Hubstar-yellowDarkest Dungeon
Hubstar-yellowThe Dead Linger
Hubstar-yellowDead State
Hubstar-yellowDivinity: Original Sin
Hubstar-blueDragon Fin Soup
Hubstar-yellowThe Dreamland Chronicles

Hubstar-yellowElite: Dangerous
Hubstar-blueFlight Rising
Hubstar-yellowGirl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg
Hubstar-yellowH-Hour: World's Elite
Hubstar-yellowHaunts: The Manse Macabre
Hubstar-yellowHeart Forth, Alicia
Hubstar-yellowHero Generations
Hubstar-yellowHover: Revolt Of Gamers
Hubstar-yellowHyper Light Drifter
Hubstar-greenKiller Bunnies
Hubstar-yellowKinetic Void
Hubstar-yellowLast Life
Hubstar-yellowLegends of Persia
Hubstar-yellowLimit Theory
Hubstar-yellowThe Long Dark

Hubstar-yellowMassive Chalice
Hubstar-blueMercenary Kings
Hubstar-yellowNelly Cootalot
Hubstar-yellowNight in the Woods
Hubstar-yellowNovus AEterno
Hubstar-yellowPlanetary Annihilation
Hubstar-yellowProject Eternity
Hubstar-yellowProject Nimbus
Hubstar-yellowProject Phoenix
Hubstar-yellowThe Repopulation
Hubstar-yellowSatellite Reign
Hubstar-blueShadow Era
Hubstar-yellowShadowrun Online
Hubstar-yellowShadowrun Returns

Hubstar-blueShantae: Half-Genie Hero
Hubstar-yellowShovel Knight
Hubstar-yellowSpark Rising
Hubstar-yellowTales of Fallen London
Hubstar-yellowTorment: Tides of Numenera
Hubstar-yellowUnsung Story
Hubstar-yellowWar for the Overworld
Hubstar-yellowWarmachine: Tactics
Hubstar-yellowWasteland 2

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