Power Chess is a chess-playing video game originally released in September, 1996 by Sierra Entertainment for the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system.


Its chess engine is "Wchess" by David Kittinger, which played against Deep Blue in the 1995 World Computer Championship in Hong Kong. The game is included as a watchable "Great Game" in Power Chess.


Similar to most other chess programs, Power Chess provides tutorials in helping new players, while analyzing gameplay to improve one's strategy. Advice is given by the game's Queen, who walks the player through the move sequence and points out any mistakes made. The player can play ranked matches by challenging the game's King. A rating is assigned depending on play style and whether the player won, lost or drew the game. Players can also create their own characters with differing gameplay styles and difficulty.

"Great Games"

A collection of famous games is included for review and study, each one narrated turn-by-turn by the Queen. The games include:

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