Power Gig: Rise of the SixString is an upcoming rhythm game developed by Seven45 Studios, a sister company of First Act which produces low-cost, entry-level musical instruments.[1] While the game will play similar to guitar-based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Power Gig will ship with a unique guitar game controller that acts as both a standalone six-stringed guitar and game controller with note-matching games. Because of the nearness of the controller and gameplay to that of a real guitar, it has attracted musicians including Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, and Kid Rock that have shied away from music games before due to the simplicity of the button-mashing concept. The game is also distributed with the AirStrike, a drum controller that works on motion sensing. The game is expected to ship in October 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems; Seven45 Studios is looking to create a Wii version as well.



The game was formally announced and demonstrated at the 2010 Game Developers Conference. Power Gig's gameplay is centered on the unique guitar controller being created for the game. The current prototype controller is approximately a 2/3rd size replica of a real electric 6-string guitar. Along the edge of the fretboard are colored sections for each fret, matching the current green/red/yellow/blue/orange patters employed by Guitar Hero and Rock Band. In the game's basic mode, the player must hold down any string(s) in the colored fret areas that match the displayed note patterns on screen and then strum the strings in time. Any other existing guitar controller can also be used in this mode. In the game's advanced mode, the colored notes on screen are replaced with colored numbers from 1 to 6, representing which string(s) must be held down in the colored fret area to make the note or chord, accompanied by strumming. As such, the game is able to present more realistic guitar playing. The game is presently able to only handle 2 note chords. It is possible to use the guitar controller separately as a standalone electronic guitar by removing a dampener that is placed on the strings during normal play to keep them from ringing out. The guitar controller can also be used within Guitar Hero and Rock Band and other compatible games.[1][2][3]


The game will also be shipped with a unique drum controller, the AirStrike, that allows the player to interact with the game without contact, similar to air guitaring, making for a quieter playing experience. The crescent-shaped unit, with four sensors and a bass-drum kick pedal along with additional console control buttons, is used by placing it on the floor in front of the player. The unit senses the movements in the general areas where the sensors are located, simulating the position of drums, and is able to distinguish movement between the individual drum sticks. The unit will also include support legs to bring the sensors closer to the player to help improve movement detection.[4][5] Bernard Chiu, CEO of Seven45 Studios, noted that they expected people to be skeptical of the controller, but believes the unit provides a "much more real and authentic" experience compared to other drum kits available.[5]

The game will feature a career mode based on a three-piece band: a guitarist, a drummer, and a vocalist. The game will ship in bundles that include the guitar controller, drum set, and microphone, but it is expected that existing drum and microphone controllers can also be used. Additional guitar controllers, including a full-size version, are expected to be released at the same time as the game.[2][3]


Seven45 Studios stated that the game will feature a setlist comparable in size to that of Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, and will be made up of only master recordings; the company is also planning on downloadable content after the game's release. Seven45 Studios claims that because Power Gig is closer to playing a real guitar compared to other rhythm games, they have been able to attract artists that have otherwise shied away from the genre believing that the simplified note-matching mechanic is not equivalent to learning how to play a real instrument.[2][3] The game will include music from Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews Band, and Kid Rock, who each have signed exclusive licenses with Seven45 Studios.[4] Both Dave Matthews and Kid Rock stated they felt that Power Gig was a superior game compared to previous music games as they move past the simple button-pressing mechanic; furthermore, the game "puts a real guitar into the hands of aspiring musicians", according to Matthews.[6]

The following songs have been confirmed for inclusion in Power Gig:[7]

Song Artist
"A.V.H." Ozzy Osbourne
"Again" Flyleaf
"Alive" P.O.D.
"All Summer Long" Kid Rock
"Artifacts of Sound" So Many Dynamos
"Aspartame" Superdrag
"Awake" Godsmack
"Been Caught Stealing" Jane’s Addiction
"Blood on My Hands" The Used
"Blurry" Puddle of Mudd
"Bombtrack" Rage Against the Machine
"Break" Three Days Grace
"Breath" Breaking Benjamin
"Camera Shy" School Boy Humor
"Chaos" MuteMath
"Cherub Rock" Smashing Pumpkins
"Chivaree" Channels
"Comfortably Confused" I See Stars
"Couldn't Stand The Weather" Stevie Ray Vaughan
"Crack the Skye" Mastodon
"Crossroads" John Mayer
"Cult of Personality" Living Colour
"Don't Start Believing" The Fatal Flaw
"Everything" A Cursive Memory
"Fall Behind Me" The Donnas
"Funny The Way It Is" Dave Matthews Band
"Hands Open" Snow Patrol
"Head Up High" Firewind
"Headfirst in the River" Envy on the Coast
"His Girl Friday" The Academy Is...
"Hold On" Korn
"Hotel of Infidels" The Paris Riots
"I Know" The Willowz
"I Want to Conquer the World" Bad Religion
"Ignorance" Paramore
"Innocent Man" A Love Like Pi
"Lay Down Sally" Eric Clapton
"Layla" Eric Clapton
"Let It Rain" Eric Clapton
"Listen to Your Friends" New Found Glory
"Martyr Me" The Get Up Kids
"New Orleans Is Sinking" The Tragically Hip
"No Such Thing" John Mayer
"Paper Wings" Rise Against
"Platinum Blonde Life" No Doubt
"Plush" Stone Temple Pilots
"Reader and Writers" Idlewild
"Retribution" Black Label Society
"Rock n Roll Jesus" Kid Rock
"She's A Genius" Jet
"She's Alchemy" Hounds Below
"Silvertongue" Damiera
"Son of Detroit" Kid Rock
"Spellbound" Lacuna Coil
"Strange Times" The Black Keys
"Substitution" Silversun Pickups
"Swim" Surfer Blood
"The Devil Cried" Black Sabbath
"The Hollow" A Perfect Circle
"The Night" Disturbed
"Tick Tick Boom" The Hives
"Tired of You" Buckcherry
"Tripping Billies" Dave Matthews Band
"When You When Young" The Taxpayers
"Who Do You Think I Was" John Mayer
"Why I Am" Dave Matthews Band
"Wish You Were Here" Incubus
"You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire" Queens of the Stone Age
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" The Offspring
"You're Going Down" Sick Puppies


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