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Power Rangers Megaforce is an Side Scrolling Beat em up Action Role Playing Game  for 3ds Released in November 2013 Based on The TV Series

A PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Xbox one And PS4 Versions Were Planned to Be an Action Adventure Role Playing Video Game Third Person Shooter hack and slash But it Was Cancelled Due to Control issues and the Boston Marathon Bombings in April 2013.

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Cancelled PS3 Xbox 360 Xbox one PC Via PS4 Version 

Bandai Planned to release this game for The PS3 Xbox 360 Xbox one pc VIA And PS4 it was to be A Beat Em Up Action Brawler Hack and Slash Third Person Shooter run and Gun RPG Stealth Game

Similar to Teenage Mutant ninja turtles out of the Shaddows But it Was Cancelled Due to Control issues and The Boston Marathon Bombings in April 2013

Cancelled PSP Version

Planned to be the same as the 3ds version but it was Cancelled due to the Boston marathon Bombings in April 2013

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