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Prescyla is a terrestrial world so small, it cannot retail even a trace atmosphere. The surface is frozen, and composed of magnesium silicates with carbonaceous deposits.

In the recent past, a pirate band from the Terminus Systems carved a message into the surface using ship-based laser weapons. In hundred-meter-wide batarian syllabic, the message proclaims the military prowess and virility of one "Captain Zaysh". A smaller postscript alludes to the questionable parentage of all humans.

Facts about "Prescyla"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.00 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length24.9 Earth Hours +
DisplayNamePrescyla +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect +
NamePrescyla +
NamePagePrescyla +
NamesPrescyla +
Orbital Period108.7 Earth Years +
PageNamePrescyla +
PageTypeElement +
Radius2,075 km +
Surface Gravity0.1 G +
Surface Temperature115.15 K (-158 °C, -252.4 °F, 207.27 °R) +

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