Primal Carnage is an upcoming first-person shooter video game under development by independent game studio Lukewarm Media.[3] The game casts the players as one of two teams: humans or dinosaurs[4][5], and is planned to support bot and network play.[6] The game is expected to be released in Q4 2010.[2]

The game has been confirmed to already run on 64-bit systems and Linux.[7][8] The developers have also stated that the console versions may be run with less-optimal graphics but with no changes to game-play.[9] There will be five classes for each team and Dinosaur play will be done through third-person.[10]

A short trailer was shown at GDC 2010, though not showing any gameplay it did however showcase some of the dinosaurs that were going to be in the game such as Brachiosaurus (although as with what often happens, it was depicted based on material now referred to as Giraffatitan), Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Pteranodon and Deinonychus. On the webpage there is a donation section for people who wish to donate money via PayPal. Depending on the amount paid you can gain access to special privileges, for example for $5 or more you can get access to various exclusive things from the game. Donating $20 or more gives you a spot in the closed beta testing[11], which is supposed to be getting under way soon.[12]

Playable Classes

Dinosaur team

Currently there are five classes of playable Dinosaurs planned. Tyrannosaurus[13], Deinonychus[14], Pteranodon, Compsognathus and Dilophosaurus.[15] The T. Rex class is intended to be the heavy hitter of the Dinosaur team, with attacks including a stomp, a head butt and a crushing attack involving its jaws. However, in an un-expected twist, the developers have revealed that the playable Tyrannosaurus is not a full grown animal, and that there is a different skin for the full grown Tyrannosaurus.[16]. This full grown Tyrannosaurus may be an alternative skin for the regular Tyrannosaurus skin, or it may become a special 6th class.[16] The Deinonychus (named simply Raptor) is a fast and mobile Dinosaur. With a simple bite attack, a running ram and a powerful leap attack. Dilophosaurus has had some of its statistics released, but not all.[17][18] It has a poison spit ability, which temporarily slows down the target and deals continuous damage for a period of time. It also possesses a weak bite attack that deals minimal damage. Its last move is what defines it as the support class, it is a screeching ability that boosts surrounding speed and strength of Dinosaur team mates. Its special features include being able to break the Trappers nets, and being immune to them. In that sense, it is the counter to the human trapper. Pteranodon is intended to be the flying class, and Compsognathus is planned to travel around in swarms, no other details for their attacks have been revealed as of yet.

Human team

The scientist class has been revealed to be a female sniper which specialises in taking down enemies from a long range, Pteranodon is mentioned in her description[19] which was where the rumours of Pteranodon being playable originally stemmed from. The Heavy Gunner class is the heavy hitter of the human team, and is the human counter to the T. Rex class.[20]. He is equipped with a powerful and fast firing assault rifle that lacks accuracy. He also wields a slow reloading grenade launcher and has a very short range melee attack. In some of the concept art (found here), three other humans are visible. One, referred to as the "Native" by the community, appears to have a shotgun and is intended to support the team by either laying flares or healing team mates. One of the people has a Dinosaur rapped up in a net, and is called the "trapper" whose nets are only able to be broken with the help of a Dilophosaurus. The final class wields a flamethrower.[21]

Non playable characters

In the GDC demo video, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus and some kind of brachiosaurid (presumably Brachiosaurus) make an appearance. There is also 2 universally released screen shots of a Spinosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus facing off against each other. There is also another screen shot featuring Spinosaurus, revealed to donors only, that apparently has Spinosaurus "fighting dirty". Numerous other Dinosaurs are being discussed, as are non dinosaurian animals such as some kind of pliosaurid, presumably Liopleurodon.

Boss battles

At the end of the survival mode, the human team must face a boss.[22] Spinosaurus is one of the creatures intended for boss battles.[21]

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