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Kd prince

The Prince atop his Katamari, ready to roll up the title.

The Prince is the protagonist and star of Katamari Damacy, We Love Katamari, and Me & My Katamari. Together with his royal cousins, the Prince is charged with using his Katamari Ball to round up earthly treasures according to the whim of his father, The King of All Cosmos. In the original game, Katamari Damacy, the Prince must roll up material in order to replace all the stars of the cosmos that the King accidentally destroyed. Due to their overwhelming popularity, the crew returned in We Love Katamari to perform favors for their adoring fans across the world.

Katamari series
Katamari Damacy - We ♥ Katamari - Me and My Katamari - Beautiful Katamari
Prince - The King of All Cosmos
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