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Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (known as Winning Eleven 9 in Japan and World Soccer: Winning Eleven 9 in the North America) is an football video game developed and produced by Konami as part of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions were released on 21 October 2005 with the PC version released a week later on the 28 October.[2]

The cover features Chelsea defender John Terry and former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry.

The game is the first in the series to include officially licensed British teams—Arsenal and Chelsea of England, as well as Celtic and Rangers of Scotland. The game also includes fully licensed leagues— La Liga of Spain, Eredivisie of the Netherlands, and Serie A of Italy (although not Cagliari). Only Japan and South Korea's national teams are fully licensed. As with previous versions, the game features an edit mode allowing the player to edit certain elements of the game. It was the last game to feature the Bundesliga (in the game as German league) before it would be replaced by a generic league.

The PlayStation 2 version was the first to feature online play (currently free of charge). Within online play, statistics and league points are stored on the server for each game played. These points determine a team's (player's) position within the five online divisions.

The stats for the players in the Pro Evolution games are provided by Sports Interactive.[citation needed]



Licensed leagues

Licensed clubs in unlicensed leagues


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Unlicensed clubs in other leagues


Unlicensed leagues

Unlicensed clubs

Unlicensed means that the club names are not licensed, but the player have their real names, faces etc., apart from the clubs in the Other Leagues.



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