Pro Wrestling X is a professional wrestling video game. It is under development by WishboneX Creations, a new developmental studio based in Canada, in conjunction with consumer group Wrestling Gamers United. It is billed as being "A game that was built by the people, for the people".[1] The game began development in an official capacity in June 2006 (with the opening of the developer's Vancouver-based studio), and was currently in the process of being shopped around to prospective publishers [2]

As of September 2008, an update to the games creators website made the headline "Not. Dead. Yet.". The statement was made to assure fans that the project was not abandoned; many fans were concerned about the project's progress for it had been very long since the website had been updated.[3]. The developers continue to send weekly updates on the development of the game to users subscribed to their mailing list. The site was updated stating they can keep track of the game progress through Twitter and Facebook.

Several gameplay videos have been uploaded to YouTube showing the game's progress so far, as well as several screenshots of the game being uploaded to Facebook.


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