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ProFlight Simulator - Very Realistic Flight Simulation

Proflight Simulator

features: Every part of the globe has been accurately mapped, including landmarks, scenery, and basically the whole globe, as it has been mapped using Google maps, which is pretty impressive.

The collection of aircraft is extensive to say the least. There are almost 120 airplanes to choose from, everything from the Wright Bros plane, to helicopters, to F16’s and Leer Jets. All accurately modeled

So even with all of the many aircraft to choose from, accurate weather and maps, how realistic is Proflight Simulator? The only way to know is to look at the pros and cons of Proflight Simulator to get an accurate assessment of the game.

The Pros And Cons


Proflight simulator software is so advanced and realistic, and built to simulate real life flight as accurately as possible. After playing other flight sims online, I noticed the that Proflight Simulator has some of the highest attention to detail.

Extensive Selection of aircraft and Maps
As I said earlier, this real life flight sim includes the terrain and global landscapes from all over the world, which includes over 20,000 world airports, more than 120 aircraft; including the Concorde, airliners, helicopters, and Seven flyable real-world jets including Raptors, Fulcrums, Vipers and more..

Accurate World Mapping and Weather

The game also simulates real time weather according to your location, so if it’s sunny in California, or a sand storm in Dubai, that’s what you will get in real time. The solar system is also accurately mapped in detail as well.

Great Multiplayer Options
LAN/Network support for up to 32 clients Connect up with your friends and engage bandits in massive furballs, up to 4 teams.

Proflight Simulator has three huge bonuses in the game which include;
1. Kelpie Flight Planner
2. Free Combat Flight Simulator Game; Advanced A.I Lots of time and effort put into the A.I. to make sure it will make a good opponent!
3. Interactive Scenery Designer

The Cons:

Not an arcade type game
proflight simulator is quite realistic and unless you are familiar with flight simulation, you might have some difficulty operating the aircraft unless you have some knowledge of flying. This is not an arcade type of game where you just hit start and away you are flying with just left and right as your options. So those of you who are expecting an easy flight, beware. This in my opinion is a pro, if you are a flight sim enthusiast like I am.

The game is HUGE
Might take some time to find your way around the member’s area. Might take some time to get a grip on the many features, aircrafts, maps, etc... I know it took me a couple days to make my way around the members area as it is so huge with so many different options. But on the other hand, once you learn how to navigate through it, you will pleased with so many aircraft and other features there acre to choose from.

On another note of the game being huge, it’s literally huge, and on a slow connection, it could take you a long time to download the content (more than an hour or so depending on your connection

One solution to this is to upgrade to the DVD edition of the game, where you can get the DVD shipped to you, that of course takes longer initially, but once the DVD arrives, the download times are gone, and FYI upgrading to the DVD edition is done through the members section


All in all, for the small investment, Proflight Simulator is a great deal for the hours and hours of simulated flight enjoyment. Compared to the other more costly alternatives out there, proflight simulator brings the most bang for the buck. Overall, there is no doubt that Proflight Simulator one of the best value flight simulators available on the market.

Honestly, when I first played Proflight Simulator, I did not expect it to be all that great. A friend of mine spoke very highly of it and so I reluctantly decided to give it a try. But after all I can honestly say I am quite impressed, due to the high quality of graphics, sound and realism. I would definitely recommend this flight simulator to any flight sim enthusiast. This game will keep you busy and happy for months. Hands down this is a winner. And I suggest you click on the link below to get your copy. I have added a link below this video for you to check out the official site.

Thank you for watching, and ummm reading, and I really hope you enjoy Proflight Simulator for Yourself


Ron Saroyan

Click Here for my personal video review of the game

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