Walkthrough/Help for Project Gotham Racing

While starting PGR you will have to create a driver which is easy-peasy. Just type in your name than save, simple. Then there will be options on the menu:  Quick Race, Arcade Race, Kudos Challenge, Time Attack, Medal Pursuit and Multiplayer. Choose which ever you want.

There is 2 ways to get through PGR, either win the race or, get the most amount of Kudos. Kudos are a system of points that equal up to make a score, which can unlock cars and get medals. The best ways to get Kudos are Slides, Jumps, Overtakes, 360's, Clean sections and time bonuses. Before the race you can adjust the difficulty, if you put the difficulty easier the less Kudos, if you put it harder more Kudos. Also make sure you get a very powerful car and make sure you check the accleration and power etc.

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