Bizzare Creations

Martyn Chudley, Brian Woodhouse, Peter Wallace, Ged Talbot, Glyn Williams, Kev Reilly, Chris Pickford, Steve Gaffney, Allen Speed
Roger Perkins, Phil Snape, Edmund Clay, Keith Pickford, Sam Hall, Nick Bygrave, Steve Cakebread, Dave Al-Dani
City Art
Jon Dudgale, Mark Sharatt, Derek Chapman, Julie Mcgurren, Pual Spencer, Glen Griffiths, David Mcdonald, Boz Briers, Matt Cavanagh, Stuart Jackson
Car Art
Chad Birosh, Ben O'Sullivan, Steve Heaney
2D & Front End Art
Gren Altherton, Jonathan Reiliy, Lee Carter
Audio Biz
Nick Wisel, Sarah Chudley, Chelle Lagton, Walter Lynsdale


Program Manager
Garrett Young
Test Lead
Jimbo Pfeiffer
Art Lead
Kiki Wolfkil
Contant Lead
Kiki Mcillan
Audio Lead
Andre Hoth
Product Manager
Raja Subramoni

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