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Project Xenocide is a semi-free game heavily inspired by X-COM, the classic game series from MicroProse.


The style of Project Xenocide is planned to mimic the first two games in the X-Com series: the player is in the place of the "Commander of Project Xenocide", a secret organization whose sole purpose is to protect the Earth from the Alien Invasion.

The game combines two main phases of play: a strategic "planetview" (called Planetscape) to manage resources and bases on a planetary scale, and a "battleview" (called Battlescape, under development) to match player-controlled squads against alien soldiers in turn-based combat. In planetscape, the player will also be able to manufacture items or resources, conduct research on salvaged alien artefacts or new proposals on human technology, equip his soldier squads and aircraft with armor, weapons and various equipment (like medipacks and different kinds of grenades) and check his funding status.


Historically, Xenocide was developed utilizing C++ and the platform-independent Ogre 3D graphics engine. In recent months however a new branch based on Microsoft XNA has gained favor among the current developers.

On 2007-10-24 a new public Progress Release has been made available. That Progress Release bearing the Minor Number 2 features employee management, Research, Manufacturing, item transfer, illuminated night map and all the different types of UFO missions. Additionally many 3D models have been added. On 2008-04-04 a new public Progress Release has been made available. The new stage 0.4 public Progress Release includes a rudimentary Battleview.

An audio pack including the game's music has also been released as a separate download.

On August 19th, 2010, Project Xenocide Seniors announced on their website that development has been stopped due to lack of manpower.

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