Prope Ltd. (pronounced "pro-peh", Latin for "beside" or "near") is funded by Sega as part of a "support program for Independent Game Creators" founded by famed Sega designer Yuji Naka.

Prope began operations on June 1, 2006.


Ten members of Sega's Sonic Team joined Naka at Prope, with a starting capital of 10 million yen, 10% of which came from Sega in exchange for the right of first refusal option for publishing games made at Prope, though if Sega rejects a title produced by the new studio, Naka would then be free to approach other publishers.

Prope intends to create games with a graphical style that appeals to kids and adults at the same time, and to explore the possibilities of developing both 3D and 2D games.


Previously, the studio had been consistently linked with a sequel to Nights into Dreams..., though Nights: Journey of Dreams was ultimately developed by Sega Studio USA. Naka has claimed in an interview that he presently has no intention to revisit any of his former Sega properties.

Prope's first two titles, the Wii rhythm game Let's Tap, and the WiiWare game Let's Catch, were both released in December 2008. Both games were published by Sega.


Published under the iPrope label

Nintendo DS


Windows Phone

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