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This is a property detailing how an in-game item or concept should appear within the index. It has type String.

Pages using the property "AppearanceName"

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Acid Splash +Acid Splash  +
Adamantine Bar +Adamantine Bar  +
Adamantine Ore +Adamantine Ore  +
Amulet of Power +Amulet of Power  +
Angmallen Bar +Angmallen Bar  +
Angmallen Bricks +Angmallen Bricks  +
Angmallen Dust +Angmallen Dust  +
Antidote +Antidote  +
Aredrite Bar +Aredrite Bar  +
Aredrite Ore +Aredrite Ore  +
Armor +Armor  +
Arrow +Arrow  +
Artifacts +Artifacts  +
Ascension +Ascension  +
Assassin +Assassin  +
Assassin +Assassin  +
Astral Silver Bar +Astral Silver Bar  +
Astral Silver Ore +Astral Silver Ore  +
Atlarus Bar +Atlarus Bar  +
Atlarus Ore +Atlarus Ore  +
Auctioneer +Auctioneer  +
Balagarn's Iron Horn +Balagarn's Iron Horn  +
Bane +Bane  +
Barbarian +Barbarian  +
Bard +Bard  +

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