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This is a property detailing how an in-game item or concept should appear within the index. It has type String.

Pages using the property "AppearanceName"

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Acid Splash (Spell) +Acid Splash  +
Amulet of Power (Ger'baza) +Amulet of Power  +
Antidote (FF7) +Antidote  +
Armor (Civ) +Armor  +
Arrow (NWN) +Arrow  +
Artifacts (Mass Effect) +Artifacts  +
Ascension (Mass Effect) +Ascension  +
Assassin (EQII) +Assassin  +
Assassin (ToME) +Assassin  +
Auctioneer (NWN) +Auctioneer  +


Balagarn's Iron Horn (Spell) +Balagarn's Iron Horn  +
Bane (Spell) +Bane  +
Barbarian (Diablo) +Crusader  +
Barbarian (NWN) +Barbarian  +
Bard (NWN) +Bard  +
Benin (nation) +Benin  +
Berserker (EQII) +Berserker  +
Black Widow (Mass Effect) +Black Widow  +
Bless (Spell) +Bless  +
Blindness/Deafness (Spell) +Blindness/Deafness  +
Bolt (NWN) +Bolt  +
Bookshelf (NWN) +Bookshelf  +
Boomerang (The Legend of Zelda) +Boomerang  +
Brute (Mass Effect) +Brute  +
Bull's Strength (Spell) +Bull's Strength  +
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