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This property details the design or color of a game or item of hardware. It has type String.

Pages using the property "Design"

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Hardware-New-Nintendo-3DS-New-Black.jpg +New Black  +
Hardware-New-Nintendo-3DS-New-White.jpg +New White  +
Hardware-Nintendo-2DS-Crimson-Red.jpg +Crimson Red  +
Hardware-Nintendo-2DS-Crystal-Blue.jpg +Crystal Blue  +
Hardware-Nintendo-2DS-Crystal-Red.jpg +Crystal Red  +
Hardware-Nintendo-2DS-Electric-Blue.jpg +Electric Blue  +
Hardware-Nintendo-2DS-Sea-Green.jpg +Sea Green  +
Hardware-Nintendo-2DS-White-and-Red.jpg +White and Red  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Aqua-Blue.png +Aqua Blue  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Cerulean-Blue.png +Light Blue,Cerulean Blue  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Clear-Black.png +Clear Black  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Cobalt-Blue.png +Cobalt Blue  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-CoroCoro-Comics-35th-Anniversary.jpg +CoroCoro Comics 35th Anniversary  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Cosmo-Black.png +Cosmo Black  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Doraemon-Nobita-to-Mittsu-no-Seireiseki.png +Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Dragon-Quest-Monsters-Terrys-Wonderland-3D.jpg +Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Fire-Emblem-Awakening.jpg +Fire Emblem: Awakening  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Flame-Red.png +Flame Red  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Gloss-Pink.png +Gloss Pink/Shimmer Pink  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Green.jpg +Green  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Heroes-of-Ruin.png +Heroes of Ruin  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Ice-White.png +Ice White  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Kingdom-Hearts-3D-Dream-Drop-Distance.jpg +Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Metallic-Red.png +Metallic Red  +
Hardware-Nintendo-3DS-Midnight-Purple.png +Midnight Purple  +

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