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This property defines the entity related to an image. It has type String.

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ACB-E-Large.png +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-E.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-G-Large.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-G.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-M-Large.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-M.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-MA15+-Large.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-MA15+.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-PG-Large.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-PG.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-R18+.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
ACB-X18+-Large.svg +Australian Classification Board  +
Amiga Logo 1985.svg +Amiga  +
BBFC-12.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-12A.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-15.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-18.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-PG.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-R18.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-U.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
BBFC-Uc.svg +British Board of Film Classification  +
CERO-Demo.svg +Computer Entertainment Rating Organization  +
CERO-RP.svg +Computer Entertainment Rating Organization  +
DJCTQ-10.svg +Departamento de Justiça, Classificação, Títulos e Qualificação  +
DJCTQ-ER.svg +Departamento de Justiça, Classificação, Títulos e Qualificação  +

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