This property details the type of Feat. It has type String.

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Alertness +General  +
Ambidexterity +General  +
Animal Companion +Class  +
Armor Proficiency (heavy) +General  +
Armor Proficiency (light) +General  +
Armor Proficiency (medium) +General  +
Barbarian Fast Movement +Class  +
Barbarian Rage (1x per day) +Class  +
Bard Song +Class  +
Bardic Knowledge +Class  +
Battle Training vs. Giants +Race  +
Battle Training vs. Goblins +Race  +
Battle Training vs. Orcs +Race  +
Battle Training vs. Reptilians +Race  +
Blind-Fight +General  +
Blooded +General  +
Brew Potion +Item Creation  +
Bullheaded +General  +
Called Shot +General  +
Cleave +General  +
Combat Casting +General  +
Courteous Magocracy +General  +
Curse Song +Class  +
Darkvision +Race  +
Dirty Fighting +General  +

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