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This defines the Spawn ID for an in-game item. It has type String.

Pages using the property "Spawn ID"

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Acid Arrow +nw_wammar003  +
Adamantine +nw_it_msmlmisc16  +
Adventurer's Robe +nw_mcloth011  +
Ale +nw_it_mpotion021  +
Alexandrite +nw_it_gem013  +
Amethyst +nw_it_gem003  +
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 +nw_it_mneck001  +
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 +nw_it_mneck012  +
Amulet of Natural Armor +3 +nw_it_mneck013  +
Ancient Chronicles of Halueth Never +m1s1book2  +
Ancient Key +m1q5ekey  +
Ancient Symbol of Tyr +m1s1tyr  +
Androd's Key +m1s2dkey1  +
Armor of Comfort +nw_maarcl021  +
Armor of Horus-Re +nw_maarcl016  +
Armor of Loyalty +nw_maarcl011  +
Armor of the Wolf +nw_maarcl001  +
Arrow +nw_wamar001  +
Arrow of the Vampire +nw_wammar001  +
Auction Announcement +m1q04iauction  +
Aventurine +nw_it_gem014  +
Average Acid Splash Trap Kit +nw_it_trap034  +
Average Blob of Acid Trap Kit +nw_it_trap014  +
Average Frost Trap Kit +nw_it_trap030  +
Average Holy Trap Kit +nw_it_trap006  +

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