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This property details the Spell Resistance of a spell or scroll. It has type String.

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Acid Fog +Yes  +
Acid Splash +Yes  +
Animate Dead +No  +
Balagarn's Iron Horn +Yes  +
Bane +Yes  +
Bless +No  +
Blindness/Deafness +Yes  +
Blindness/Deafness +Yes  +
Bull's Strength +No  +
Bull's Strength +No  +
Burning Hands +Yes  +
Burning Hands +Yes  +
Cat's Grace +No  +
Cat's Grace +No  +
Chain Lightning +Yes  +
Charm Monster +Yes  +
Charm Person +Yes  +
Charm Person +Yes  +
Charm Person or Animal +Yes  +
Circle of Death +Yes  +
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance +No  +
Clarity +No  +
Cloud of Bewilderment +Yes  +
Cloudkill +Yes  +
Color Spray +Yes  +

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