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This property details if the block or item uses transparency effects. It has type String.

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Air +Yes  +
Anvil +Yes  +


BatBox (IC2) +No  +
Beacon +Yes  +
Bedrock +No  +
Birch Leaves +Partial <small>(diffuses sunlight)</small>  +
Birch Sapling +Yes  +
Birch Wood +No  +
Birch Wood Planks +No  +
Birch Wood Slab +Yes  +
Birch Wood Stairs +Partial (blocks light)  +
Black Wool +No  +
Block of Diamond +No  +
Block of Emerald +No  +
Block of Gold +No  +
Block of Iron +No  +
Blue Wool +No  +
Brick Stairs +Partial (blocks light)  +
Bricks (Minecraft) +No  +
Bricks Slab +Partial (blocks light)  +
Brown Wool +No  +
Button (Stone) +Yes  +
Button (Wooden) +Yes  +


Cactus +Yes  +
Cake +Yes  +
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Has typeThis property is a special property in this wiki.String +

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