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This small shield proudly bears the mark of Luiren, homeland of the strongheart halflings, as possessing any real military tradition, the Luiren folk maintain well-organized militias led by the local clergy and supported with powerful divine magic. This shield likely belonged to an ordinary Luiren soldier who fell in defense of his homeland.

Facts about "Protector (NWN)"RDF feed
AppearanceNameProtector +
Armor Check Penalty-1 +
Armor Class+1 +
DisplayNameProtector (NWN) +
ElementSmall Shield +
FeatShield Proficiency +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameProtector +
NamePageProtector +
PageNameProtector (NWN) +
PageTypeElement +
Spawn IDnw_ashmsw003 +
Weight6.0 +

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