Psyvariar 2: The Will to Fabricate is the sequel to Psyvariar. The Psyvariar series of vertically scrolling shoot 'em ups requires the player to risk all in order to get high scores.

Psyvariar 2 was released on Sega NAOMI arcade hardware, and was ported to Dreamcast, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 consoles.

Version differencesEdit

Dreamcast versionEdit

It has no extras or an auto buzz function. It was the first version released in home platforms and is the most stripped down. Nevertheless, it is considered the most valuable and is quite sought after in second-hand markets.[citation needed]

Psyvariar 2 Extend Edition (Xbox)Edit

The Xbox version added the ability to save and watch replays, online leaderboards and replay exchange.

Psyvariar 2 Ultimate Final (PS2)Edit

The PlayStation 2 version introduced mission and gallery mode, a stage select feature, a visible hit box and life gauges for the bosses.

Game playEdit

The game play elements was largely unchanged from the prequels, but added following:


  • M.D.S.Miroku(maitreya): Large neutrino gain by destroying enemies, small neutrino gain by buzzing, normal bomb, wide area shot, short level up invulnerability
  • M.D.S.Gosuke(five ascetics): Small neutrino gain by destroying enemies, large neutrino gain by buzzing, buzz area increasing bomb, narrow area shot, long level up invulnerability
FighterFirst formSecond formThird formFourth formFinal form
Level none28118288348

Fighter can transform as in prequel, but only 1 transformation occurs per stage.

Fighter's hit box is a 1x1 pixel at the centre of the fighter.


Player starts with 3 bombs, and gains 1 bomb every time the fighter transforms. A player can carry up to 7 bombs.

Buzz systemEdit

Buzz system came from Psyvariar -Revision-, which allows multiple buzzes per enemy bullet. However, in order for a buzz to occur, the enemy bullet/unit must stay in fighter's buzz zone for extended time period. Multiple buzzes are registered only by exiting and reentering buzz zone. The buzz detection time for a single enemy bullet/unit is shortened from prequel. The hit box for buzz zone can be shown by pressing Start button during play.

Depending on the enemies that appear on-screen, the neutrino gauge changes color from red to blue, with red indicating low neutrino absorption, and blue indicating high neutrino absorption. High absorption means fewer buzzes are needed to raise fighter's level, low absorption means otherwise.

Rolling systemEdit

When rolling begins, the rolling now continues if player's fighter keeps moving.


There are 7 stages in the game. After completing first stage (Area-0), the next 3 stages include A (EASY), B (NORMAL), C (HARD) branches, with B and C branches become selectable when a fighter has sufficient level:


After completing Area-5, the game continues to Area-6 GLUON only if player's fighter is in final form when completing Area-5.

Mission modeEdit

It is a game mode added in the PlayStation 2 version of the game. It include 20 missions with unique objectives for each fighter (40 missions). The stages came from the areas in the arcade game.

Special capture DVDEdit

The PS2 version included a special DVD with professional replays showing all areas using both the buzz and shot play styles. Additionally, it featured a concept art gallery with over 100 sketches and 3 songs from the game (Absolute "zero", The end of Volcano, The Cloudbank in the style of Idacchi).

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