You may be looking for Pterosaurs, the flying reptiles. For other usages of the term, see Pterodon (disambiguation).

Pterodon is a game developer located in the Czech Republic. In the year of 2006 they joined Illusion Softworks. Pterodon was founded in 1999 by Radek Hrbatý, in Hrbatý's garage. He started business by marketing a simple encryption algorithm to various business owners in his neighborhood.

The logo of this company is a pterosaur, presumably a Pteranodon. In biology, Pterodon refers to a prehistoric genus of creodonts, carnivorous mammals, however.

Released games

  • Flying Heroes (2000) (PC), action fantasy game
  • Vietcong (2003) (PC), first-person shooter war-game, sold over 1 million copies, thereby is one of the best selling PC games[1]
  • Vietcong 2 (2005) (PC), first-person shooter war-game

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  1. Tom Kim (2007-11-14). The Strange History Of Gamecock's Mike Wilson 6. Gamasutra. Retrieved on 2008-03-03

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