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This small container appears to hold a swirling puff of fog. The following message delicately inscribed on the surface: "When air became, in its youth, jealous of its place in the world, it sought out ways of assert its power. It floated high in the night air, and obscured by the view of the stairs from those that lay beneath it. But soon it filled with water that became too heavy, and it came crashing down to rejoin with those who came before - an embrace that left it no longer uncertain of its place within the world."

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DisplayNamePuff of Fog +
ElementOther +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NamePuff of Fog +
NamePagePuff of Fog +
NamesPuff of Fog +
PageNamePuff of Fog +
PageTypeElement +
Spawn IDm1s03ifog +
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