Pure Pure Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari (ぴゅあぴゅあ耳としっぽのものがたり, Pyua Pyua Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari,? Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails) is a Visual Novel by Klein released in Japan for the PC on May 28, 2004, and later ported to PS2 on January 27, 2005.


The story of Pure Pure revolves around a young groomer (called a Trimmer in the game) named Jun and his friends that are also involved in his work. The game begins with him training to pass the final examination for his vocational school and follows his day to day life with Hinata & Sachi, two dog Mimikko, and Midou, his best friend. His only concern was passing that test until a tragedy shakes the foundation on which he built his life upon.



Jun Yuuki(結城 潤)
The protagonist. While training to become a Trimmer, he begins to realize his latent feelings for Sachi. He ultimately joins Midou at the 'FRIENDS' pet store. He is called "Master" by Sachi and Hinata at the beginning of the game.

Takuya Midou(御堂 拓也):
Voice Actor: Kenji Nojima(野島健児)(PS2 only)
Jun's Kansai-accented sardonic best friend. Although he uses Kansai dialect, he wasn't born in Kansai. He tends to be bullied a lot by Jun. Midou helps Jun to become a qualified Trimmer and is also Jun's closest male friend. He takes the same course as Jun, but his goal isn't to become a Trimmer.

Miwa Yuuki(結城 美和):
Voice Actor: MARIO(PC and PS2)
Jun's sister. She frequently helps Jun by preparing meals. She is also a tomboy. Midou may even have a crush on her.



Voice Actor: Marina Ono(大野まりな)(PC and PS2)
A dog Mimikko. Hinata's older sister. Sachi is Jun's love interest early in the game. She is very soft-spoken and acts humbly, often refusing to accept praise. She calls Jun "Master" because of his behavior. She speaks highly of Jun, so much that it influenced her younger sister, Hinata, to copy her and call Jun "Master" as well. At the end of the game, she is killed by a fatal illness.

Voice Actor: Kanematsu Yuka(金松由花)(PC);Miyu Inoe(井上みゆ)(PS2)
A dog Mimikko. Sachi's younger sister. She is the same breed of Mimikko as Sachi, with the only difference being their hair colors(Sachi has blonde hair and Hinata has red hair). "Pure energy" is the only way to describe her. Hinata is frequently seen around Sachi or attaching herself to Jun's face. She commonly causes trouble for Jun with her energetic behavior. She also calls Jun "Master", but her reason for calling him such is due to her sister's influence. At the beginning of the game, she is "Young Hinata", the smaller and childish version. During the course of the game, she grows up into "Hinata".

Voice Actor: Konami Onami(大波こなみ)(PC);Kanoko Hatamiya(幡宮かのこ)(PS2)
A cat Mimikko that Jun helps while he is downtown. Tobari is overly-serious and tries to maintain her cool at all times. She becomes a bit attached to Jun after he helps her. The typical tsundere character, her background is unknown, so she is mysterious to the characters.


Opening Song: "under the moonlight" Sung by: 立花みづき (Tachihana Midzuki)

Image Song: "Destiny" Sung by: YOU-CO PS2 Only

Ending Song: "Arigato" Sung by: YOU-CO PS2 Only

PS2 DifferencesEdit

Like many other recent adult-only visual novels released on PC, a PlayStation 2 All-Age version was developed and released by Datam Polystar. Aside from the removal of AO scenes, Takuya Midou is voiced, and several new CGs have been added along with a new image and ending song.

The newer scenes in the PS2 version are voiced by new voice actors, while the scenes that were carried over from the PC version are voiced by the original actors.


Overall, the reviews for Pure Pure PS2 version have been positive, however a common criticism against it is pacing; players have complained that the game progresses too slowly during the second half of the story.[2]

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