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Triumphant Purge by raven 90210


Purge is a character from the Space Channel 5 series, making his first appearance in part 2 as the main villain. Occording to his bio, he believes he has been given a holy mission to lead the poor, unfortunate masses of the galaxy. He is responsible for stealing the main antennas from Channels 5, 88, 1, and 42 in order to complete a ballistic groove gun that will force the whole of the galaxy to dance for him. He also kidnapped the president, Peace, and (exactly) 86,429 innocent people, as well as brainwashing and transforming Jaguar into "Shadow."


Age: 18 Blood type: A

An unimportant, but still interesting, fact is that Purge invented his first Robo when he was 9 years old.

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