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Pursuit is a single-player arcade game by Kee Games, originally released in 1975. The player plays a World War I flying ace who tries to shoot down enemy planes. Gameplay relies on a first person perspective representation. Pursuit also marks the first time Atari Inc. publicly acknowledged its relationship with Kee.[1]


The game is housed in a custom wide cabinet modeled to look like a World War I biplane cockpit. It includes a similarly modeled flight stick with top-mounted fire button. The game's PCB is composed of discrete technology and includes Atari/Kee's Durastress technlogy.[1] One overlay provides the onscreen crosshair.[2]


The player uses a flight stick to steer the plane up, down, right, and left to get the enemy in his or her sights. The top-mounted fire button is then used to shoot the enemy plane and gain points.



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