Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords is an amalgamation of the simple puzzle gameplay from Bejeweled wrapped in aspects of a console RPG. Innovative in the execution and polish of the two very addictive qualities of puzzle solving and stat customization. The success of early versions has prompted the developer to port the game to nearly all current gaming systems.


There are two ways to play: Quest and Instant Action. Quest mode allows you to level your character while traveling through Etheria and completing quests. Instant Action allows you to choose an opponent to fight or capture and instantly enter into a battle.

Traveling through the world of Etheria navigation is done by selecting cities peppered on the Overworld. Locations are broken down into caves, sewers, and various generic area along with cities. Cities are the hub of the game allowing upgrades, new quests, and shops.


Battles are enacted on an 8x8 grid. The object is to lower your opponents Life Points by matching skulls or coloured gems and casting powerful spells before your opponent does the same to you. To cast spells requires mana in the four gem colours: red, green, blue and yellow, which also represent the elements of fire, earth, water and air, respectively.

Character Customization

Characters can have one of four professions: Warrior, Knight, Wizard and Druid.

During and after battles characters can gain gold coins and purple stars that represent experience which allows characters to buy stronger weapons or gain access to more powerful spells. Characters may also gain special items and rewards for completing quests.

Characters also have seven areas of customization: Earth Mastery, Water Mastery, Air Master, Fire Mastery, Cunning, Morale, and Battle.

The Masteries increase the benefits of matching gems of those colours. Cunning increases the benefits of matching gold coins and Wildcards. Morale increases Life Points, the benefits of matching purple stars and resistance to spells. Battle increases the damage you inflict and the benefits of matching skulls.