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Qix++ is a remake of the video game Qix. The original game was released in 1981 by Taito and the updated version was released on Xbox Live Arcade in December 2009. Along with updated graphics and special effects, Qix++ adds new game modes (including multiplayer for up to four players), new enemy types and weapons.[1]


For a more detailed explanation of gameplay, see Qix.

To complete a level, the player must use a diamond-shaped marker to claim the supermajority of the playing field, avoiding the Qix and Sparx enemies. Qix++ has different styles of Qix enemy and the player can earn points to upgrade his abilities after each level.

Critical reception

The game received mostly negative reviews. rated the game as 'Poor' and claimed the player would see everything Qix++ had to offer in twenty minutes.[2]


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