Qplaze is a brand of software for mobile devices such as cell phones, marketed by the VCS company. Based in Ukraine, it serves primarily the Commonwealth of Independent States market. It is a licensee for a number of trademarks including Playboy. The company produces games as well as sound, graphic and multimedia content.

VCS was founded in 2000 to develop business and game applications for mobile devices, marketed under the Qplaze trademark. In 2004, it merged with Russian Mobile Entertainment to create a holding company, Qplaze-RME, with VCS as the development unit and Russian Mobile Entertainment as the distribution arm. By 2005, it had produced 60 games, as well as considerable amounts of additional entertainment content such as erotic and music sliders, MMS, melodies, postcards, wallpapers, screen savers and mobile video.

Games developed by Qplaze

This is a partial list of games developed by Qplaze.

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