Quake 3 Fortress (Q3F) is a mod for the computer game Quake III Arena.[2]

The game was a class-based fortress mod, where players would select from one of nine classes and would play on the red or blue team. The primary game type was Capture the Flag, though maps created by the community allowed for additional game types such as dueling.


Q3F went through a series of versions. The majority of its lifecycle and the height of its popularity occurred during the Beta 1.x versions. During this phase, the mod was extremely popular in the Quake 3 community across the globe and there were several clans and leagues that focused solely on the mod.

The most significant change in the mod came with the highly anticipated release of Beta 2, in which the development team made major changes to the look and feel of the mod, as well as the gameplay. After the release of Beta 2, playership decreased dramatically until Q3F servers were all but nonexistent. After leaving Q3F, much of the community went on to other mods such as Rocket Arena 3, or other games like Enemy Territory Fortress.

After Q3F, some members of the development team moved on to form a company called Splash Damage.


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