Games using the Quake II engine


Ports of Quake II were released on 1999 on the Nintendo 64 (ported by Raster Productions L.L.C. ) and PlayStation (ported by HammerHead Ltd.) console platforms. In both cases, the core gameplay was largely identical; however, changes were made to the game sequence, and split-screen multiplayer replaced network or internet play.

Quake II: Colossus (Quake II with both official addons) was also ported to Linux by id Software and published by Macmillan Computer Publishing in 1999. Be Incorporated officially ported Quake II: Colossus to the BeOS to test their OpenGL acceleration in 1999, and provided the game files for free download at a later date - a Windows, Macintosh or Linux install CD was required to install the game, with the official addons being optional.

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