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Any pirates or mercenaries attempting to prey on the quarian flotilla must contend with the Heavy Fleet's cruisers, frigates, fighters, and carriers. The Heavy Fleet is led by Admiral Han'Gerrel. The admiral firmly believes in the importance of ship maintenance and regular training exercises, and actively encourages those on pilgrimage to seek out technology that will upgrade his fleet's capabilities. As a result, cutting-edge technology is often found in the best of the Heavy Fleet's vessels.

If the player supports the argument to cover the Heavy Fleet using the Patrol Fleet.

The Patrol Fleet sacrificed several of its ships to take the brunt of the geth's attacks on the Heavy Fleet, buying the Heavy Fleet time to repair its frigates and launch a successful counterattack.

If the player chooses to rewrite the heretics in Mass Effect 2.


Rewriting the geth heretics significantly boosted the processing power of the "true" geth. Their increased strength made their fleets both more efficient, and more lethal, in battle.

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