Quarterback is a 2-player American football arcade game released by Leland in 1987.

"QUARTERBACK" is a One-Player or Two-Player interactive football game with all the exciting sounds and hard-hitting action of the real thing. On Offensive, the player must choose his strategy by selecting a play with maneuvering his quarterback through the right hole or leading his intended receiver with the passing target to complete that perfect pass. On Defensive, The object is to outwit your opponent by choosing an alignment that will stop the offense while positioning your linebacker to fill the gap, sack the quarterback, or pick off that pass. When Kicking or Punting, the wind is always a factor and the game clock comes into play near the end of each half. Another interesting feature of "QUARTERBACK" is the ability to keep track of over 15 categories of game play statistics and the fact that each player's salary reflects his/her overall performance in these areas. Players compete for the top salary.