Quest of Persia: The End of Innocence (Template:Lang-fa) is a first-person video game released on September of 2005 in Iran. The game was developed and published by Persian studio Puya Arts.QoP: The End of Innocence is a combination first-person shooter and driving game. It has been described as "Quake II dropped on its head in a desert" by PC Zone UK.[2]


The Story begins with Iraq attacking Iran from the air, sea and land. Arashk who is an engineer working in Petrochemical plant, gets caught in the attacks, and has to escape the factory while it's burning into ashes. He meets Leyla an archeologist who is working in the desert. She is trying to find out the secrets of Ancient Persian Sites.

Together they have to fight the Iraqi Invasion army, while trying to solve the mystery of Ancient Sites. Arashk and Leyla find a manuscript which provides them with information about secrets of Ancient Persian Sites.

It gives them a clue about the famous battle of Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar and Lotfali Khan Zand.

The story has been told through Non-Interactive animation sequences.


The Major part of the game is a Quake style First Person Shooter game with various weapons. There are also some driving missions, and a puzzle. The game has 21 one short levels and can be completed in five hours.[1]


QoP: The End of Innocence two years after its release has become "The Best Iranian Game Of The Year" at the WCG (World Cyber Games) 2007's Iranian national final.[3]


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