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Quiz Show is a two-player arcade game by Atari, Inc, originally released in 1976. A computerized version of a quiz show, the game presents multiple choice answers to questions from a range of categories.[1]


The game is housed in a custom cabinet that includes two sets (one set per player) of four buttons on each side of the monitor. The game PCB uses a Signetics S2650 cpu, with all questions and answers stored on a removable 8-track audio cassette tapes that are streamed to the game.[2]


The game asks you questions and you press the corresponding button on your side of the screen to answer. Questions are multiple choice, chosen from a pool of 1000 questions in four categories: people, sports, movie, and potpourri. Categories are chose prior to the game's start. Points are awarded for a correct answer, with point deductions for incorrect answers. Bonus points are also awarded, and are based on the length of time it takes to answer the question. At the end of game play, the player is given a rating of Dunce, Lucky, Smart, or Genius based on their score.[1][2]


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