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A hydrogen-helium gas giant, Quodis is used by countless spaceships to discharge their drive cores after coming into the system. Commercial vessels restock on their supplies of helium-3 from one of its many orbital platforms.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Piracy at helium-3 refueling stations is common in the Imir system. Visitors are encouraged to use the escorts provided by the Korlus Security Fleet to and from the system's mass relay. To prevent escort fraud, always ask for identification from the escort ships and compare them to those found on the Korlus Security Fleet's extranet sites.

Facts about "Quodis"RDF feed
Day Length13.3 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameQuodis +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameQuodis +
NamePageQuodis +
NamesQuodis +
Orbital Distance5.0 AU +
Orbital Period11.2 Earth Years +
PageNameQuodis +
PageTypeElement +
Radius48,918 km +

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