RPG Maker, known as RPG Tsukūru (RPGツクール) in Japan, is a series of Role-playing game making softwares. The series was first created by the Japanese group ASCII, then succeeded by Enterbrain. The Japanese name, Tsukūru, is a pun mixing the Japanese word tsukuru (作る), which means "make" or "create", with tsūru (ツール), the Japanese transcription of the English word "tool".[1]


Mamirin1988NEC PC-8801
Dungeon Manjirō1988MSX2
RPG Construction Tool: Dante1990MSX2
Dante 21992MSX2
Chime's Quest1992NEC PC-9801
RPG Tsukūru Dante 981992NEC PC-9801
Dungeon RPG Tsukūru Dan-Dan Dungeon1994NEC PC-9801
RPG Tsukūru: Super Dante1995 (SFC)
1996 (Satellaview)
Super Famicom
RPG Tsukūru Dante 98 II1996NEC PC-9801
RPG Tsukūru 21996Super Famicom
RPG Tsukūru 951997Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru 95 (Value!)2001Microsoft Windows
Simulation RPG Tsukūru1998PlayStation
Sega Saturn
Simulation RPG Tsukūru (Enterbrain Collection)2001PlayStation
Simulation RPG Tsukūru 951998Microsoft Windows
Simulation RPG Tsukūru 95 (Value!)2001Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru 3
(RPG Maker)
RPG Tsukūru 3 (PlayStation the Best)1998PlayStation
RPG Tsukūru GB2000Game Boy Color
RPG Tsukūru 2000
(RPG Maker 2000)
Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru 2000 (Value!)2003Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru 42000PlayStation
Uchūjin Tanaka Tarou de RPG Tsukūru GB 22001Game Boy Color
RPG Tsukūru 5
(RPG Maker II)
PlayStation 2
RPG Tsukūru 2003
(RPG Maker 2003)
Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru α2002Microsoft Windows
Mobile phone
RPG Tsukūru Advance2003Game Boy Advance
RPG Tsukūru XP
(RPG Maker XP)
PlayStation 2
RPG Tsukūru
(RPG Maker 3)
PlayStation 2
RPG Tsukūru for Mobile2006Mobile phone
RPG Tsukūru VX
(RPG Maker VX)
Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru DS2010Nintendo DS
RPG Tsukūru VX Ace
(RPG Maker VX Ace)
Microsoft Windows
RPG Tsukūru DS Plus2011Nintendo DS
RPG Tsukūru MV
(RPG Maker MV)
TBAMicrosoft Windows

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