RPG Maker 95, or RM95 for an abbreviation, is the first Windows version of the RPG Maker series developed and published by ASCII, released in Japan March 28th, 1997 as RPG Tsukūru 95 (RPGツクール95 Ārupījī Tsukūru Kyūjūgo?).[2] The game is ASCII's third RPG making application for the PC.[2] The game is also the first in the series to receive an unauthorized English translation and release.[3]


RPG Maker 95 games run in 640×480 resolution and incorporates a 2D tile engine, that involve separate graphics files for characters, tile sets, backgrounds, and battle animations. The battle style of RPG Maker 95 is turn-based and in first-person perspective. The music featured in RPG Maker consists of midi and wav files. The first 2000 releases in Japan were accompanied with a soundtrack CD album "ZONDERLAND" of RPG themed music based on RPG Maker. Music was composed by the U.K. band INTELLIGENTSIA, who also created the RPG MAKER in game FX.