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Radical Rex is a 1 or 2-player platforming video game released in 1994 released by Beam Software for the Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, and Sega CD. It starred Radical Rex, a skateboarding, fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus rex. In its beta form, the game was called Baby T-Rex.

Radical Rex is a relatively simple game, where the protagonist, Radical Rex must save his land, and his girlfriend Rexanne, from an evil magician named Sethron. In his way are dinosaurs, sea creatures, and other monsters. Rex has a few abilities, including a roar that kills or hurts all enemies on screen, a fire breath which can temporarily immobilize enemies, and a bubble spray which he can use while under water. Strangely, Sethron is replaced by a Gopher like mammal named Skriitch in the Mega Drive/Genesis and Sega CD versions. Despite this, the Gopher acts the same as its Super NES Counterpart. The Sega CD game has a CD quality soundtrack composed by Marshall Parker.

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