Ragnar Bloodaxe is a character from Mace: The Dark Age.
Ragnar Bloodaxe


Ragnar Bloodaxe was once the noble and good prince of the vikings. As Ragnar was on a journey somewhere in Europe, a pack of ravenous wolves suddenly came from the eastern forest and began raiding small villages, Ragnar went into the forest to stop them, but soon realized it was all a hoax. He then had a strange and uneasy feeling that Ragnar's own village: Torsgard may be in danger. But as he reached Torsgard, the village was in complete ruin and it's people were slaughtered. What Ragnar saw in the wake of the destruction, he sees a wolfpack that had eyes that glowed with an evil sense of red. Knowing that this was caused by some kind of unnatural evil, Ragnar sets himself on a journey to defeat Lord Deimos and Asmodeous and to capture the Mace and restore Torsgard to it's original state.

Good Ending

Ragnar was successful in defeating Lord Deimos and Asmodeous and claimed the Mace. With a just and noble soul, Ragnar was able to resist the corrupting power of the Mace. He uses the Mace to not just restore Torsgard, but make it into one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. Ragnar would go on to become a legend. He would father many children and maintain his status as a legendary hero, crushing evil where it may be.

Bad Ending

Ragnar had failed in his journey to defeat Asmodeous and restore Torsgard, he returns to the ruined village. Only to have been transformed into a ravenous wolf by Asmodeous himself. Forced to do Asmodeous' will, Ragnar would live forcer as a ravenous wolf, killing and destroying all he loves.

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