In Ragnarok there are many classes of characters to choose from including these most popular ones:

Wizard Wizards are very powerful spell casters with a lot of SP ( Spiritual Power) which is vital to casting spells. Wizards are very helpful in large parties. Wizards start off as a mage ( Magician). Then once they reach a certain job lvl they will change class and become a Wizard/Witch. Eventually you will be reborn and gain the title "High Mage" and then "High Wizard".


A merchant is the only class that can sell items without a special item. They become many things. Merchant- Blacksmith Blacksmith- Machanic. Merchant- Alchemist Alchemist-Creator.


A knight is a ve ry strong sword/spear wielding class. They use a lot of brute strength in their fighting completely pararel to Wizards. They become either a Paladin or a Crusader. They are best to have a lot of Vitality and Strength and maybe some Agility.--Kevinsims22 20:53, 25 May 2009 (UTC)Kevinsims22


You are in Rune Midgard from Norse mythology. Some of the servers are named after god or goddeses like Loki, Eir, Tyr, Thor. Many of the religious parts of the game talk about god while another part talks about the goddess of love, Freya. One quest even calls for you to have to deliver "Freya's Necklace". Most of the creatures in the game follow some sort of mythology whether it be Asian, Norse, or European. The time of day does actually change according to GMT time. --Kevinsims22 21:15, 25 May 2009 (UTC)Kevinsims22


The world of Ragnarok portrays all living things to be a 2-D anime like drawing. But the none living things, ( Buildings, water, etc.) are 3-D all in all the landscape can be quite beautiful. To use spell you have to use F keys and to attack you simply click. The camera is quite easy to control and you can see wide areas. There are many shops and many people to play with including lots of events each week. The Game Masters always make sure everything is in order. In the game you can actually marry someone at the church in Prontera.