Cheat Codes

During gameplay, press [Tab], and then enter the code that corresponds to its effect:

Code Effect
Show me the trains All Engines
Casey Jones All Competitor's Train's Cash
AMD103 Converts All Engines to AMD-103's at Expense of Profit
Let me in All Denied Territories
Slush fund Give Company $1 Million
Powerball Give Company $100 Million
King of the hill Give Character $100,000
Speed Racer Double Maximum Train Speeds
Viagra Increases City Size
Amtrak Company loses $1 Million
BoBo Lose Scenario
Bigfoot Win with Gold Victory
BigfootBronze Win with Bronze Victory
BigfootSilver Win with Silver Victory
BigfootGold Win with Gold Victory
Cattle Futures Gives Player $1 Million
Overtime Stations Double Output of Cargo
nowreck Never Crash (works with version 1.53)


Sleeping Man

Load up the classical campaign mission menu. The old man should start to speak to you. Once he is finished, don't touch anything. After a few minutes he will go to sleep. He will keep on snoring until you move the mouse or press the keyboard. Then he will wake up and tell you to pick a campaign.


Free Electric track

First, build a strip of (unelectrified) double track, and then switch to electrical track, double/single, it does not matter. Now, place the cursor over the Left and upper most section of track, and build down wards, and it should be free and work properly.

Single track- Passing trains

To make trains pass on a single track, make sure that the track is on a steep hill. The trains will zoom through each other without slowing down.

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