Rampage: World Tour is a 1997 Action video game by Saffire, originally for Arcade platforms, but later ported to various home consoles. Rampage: World Tour is the sequel to the 1986 arcade game Rampage, and is the second game in the Rampage series.


Rampage World Tour print ad NickMag Jan Feb 1998

1998 print ad.

ScumLabs, a top secret branch of government research facilities, has had an outbreak at one of their facilities. Three escaped human test subjects, who have now been transformed into hulking 50 foot monsters, have escaped the facility and are on a rampage throughout the united states, destroying entire cities as they find and destroy every ScumLabs facility they can.


Rampage: World Tour has the player, or players, control giant 50 ft. monsters as they travel throughout America and the rest of the world destroying entire cities building by building. The player(s) can choose between 3 characters, George, a middle-aged man transformed into a monstrous gorilla, Lizzie, a young woman transformed into a giant reptilian monster, or Ralph, an elderly man transformed into a giant werewolf.

Each level is represented by a day, with a total of 130 levels/days till the game is completed. Each level pits the player(s) in a new city, where they must destroy every single building to advance to the next level. The player can destroy buildings by climbing onto the side of them and punching them, and by jumping on the buildings from the roof to bring down the buildings overall health and it collapses. Building's strength varies depending on the size, with small stores and outlet buildings being destroyed easily, but skyscrapers and other high rise buildings require much more damage. The player can also destroy other objects such as cars, helicopters, and even eat people for bonus points.

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