Infinite Money

Note: Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups! Go into the game folder.

Each pilot has a file named "CHAR0001.FIL" where the number is determined according to when he was created.

Choose the file you of the specified pilot, Open it in a hex-editor. Go to places (in hex) 24, 26, 28 and change the contents to "00". Now you have enough money for anything you want.

Level Select

At the episode select screen, press Z, X, or C (Z is Episode 1, X is Episode 2, and C is Episode 3) then press a key between Q and O on the keyboard (the top row of letters.) Q is Level 1, W is Level 2, etc.

Note: Trying to warp to a registered episode in the shareware version will crash the game.

Alternate Enemies - Method A

To battle cows, monkeys and other critters, set your system date to match the programmers' birthdays:

  • March 12 Bobby Prince
  • May 16 Scott Host
  • August 28 Rich Fleider
  • October 2 Jim Molinets

Alternate Enemies - Method B

To battle cows, monkeys and other critters, turn on all the switches at the bottom of the episode select screen and darken the button. A sound will confirm this code.

Cheat Button

For the full version of the game, press BACKSPACE while playing to refill life and to get one deathray unit.


For the full version of the game, on the command prompt, type "SET S_HOST=CASTLE" to become invulnerable while playing.

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