Ratatouille is a game based on the Pixar movie with the same name.


Remy,a mouse,in the game was do a normal life collecting garbage for foods and else.He first discovered something in human kitchen,and it's a Gusteau Recipe Book.Remy became a great cooker after read every page.but only he's a mice.And nobody could believe in him.His Gusteau "Spirit" enhances him to do what he wanted to do.He firstly command a move at City of Lights,where a dog or two won't detect any mouse nearby.He also friend with Linguini,a human that can't cook and need Remy help.Remy always help in the needs,and earn the trust from Linguini itself.He began to cook,instead of Linguini when other has know the truth.Remy then go to the Market,and then back to his Home Stink Home.Although,this story was very simple,there are some bonus levels that challenge the player to get 100% completion.


  • Although it's called Home Stink Home,you maybe can fresh it with detergent from Little Chef-Big Kitchen,although it was for bubble.
  • There are some ringtones available in the first concept art.